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Reiliyana Kallisti

Voice Actor (NU)

Rei is a Philadelphia-based voice actor with credits in many successful indie game titles. A trained actor and vocalist, they have been performing since they were a child. Get started with one of the most creative minds in voice acting. Book Rei today.

Voice Over Demos

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Hear Rei in these great games!

Die Young, SCP:Nukalypse, Fallen Angel, Down the Rabbit Hole VR, Chronicon, Adams Ascending,

“When you hear work from Rei you can instantly tell their heart, passion and experience is integrated into every aspect. In the time I’ve worked with them it has been a pleasure and ease. I would recommend them to anyone who’s looking for professionalism and a wide range of talent.”

"Rei is definitely a person who puts their money where their mouth is (pun intended). No matter what kind of job I've thrown at Rei, he has always over delivered. Not only are they a great voice actor but they've got a great sense of humour, creativity and professionalism. They're enjoyable to work with and always my first choice in voice acting!"

- Nick, San Francisco

- Joel, Australia

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rei. They're professional, passionate, and prompt with their work. I was able to cast them in 4 different roles, thanks to their skill and versatility. Despite the roles they took on were all very different and some quite complex, they nailed all of them and I am beyond pleased with their work. I highly recommend working with Rei”

- Daniel, Sweden

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